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Northern Colorado Business Dispute Lawyer

The Wilson Law Firm, PC, is a full service law practice dedicated to helping business owners in Northern Colorado grow their enterprises. We have proven resources in the area of dispute resolution and a reputation for getting results for our clients.

We can represent you in litigation involving:

  • Contract disputes
  • Real estate purchase agreements
  • Quiet title, fence line disputes and partition actions
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Construction contracts and mechanic’s liens
  • Construction defect litigation
  • Partnership or business succession disputes
  • Collections, accounts receivable disputes and supplier issues
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Other commercial disputes

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A Trial Lawyer, Not a Litigator

When it comes to resolving a commercial dispute, there are trial lawyers and there are litigators. A litigator is focused on the process itself and the generation of documents, depositions, interrogatories and attorney fees. A trial lawyer, on the other hand, is focused on achieving his client’s goals as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Zachary G. Wilson is most definitely a trial lawyer. He is experienced, determined and always focused on achieving his clients’ goals.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Dispute Resolution Services

Zachary G. Wilson is a results-oriented business attorney. He always looks for a way to achieve his client’s goals in a cost-effective way. When advising and representing you, Zachary will examine the issues in your case from a commercial, dollars-and-cents viewpoint as well as from a legal perspective. He will explain the legal strategies available to you, their costs and their likely outcomes. Often, Zachary can achieve acceptable results for his clients through negotiation, mediation or arbitration. If necessary, he will undertake assertive litigation to protect your rights and achieve your goals.

Sometimes, it is important for a company to resolve a contract dispute while preserving its existing business relationship with the other party. Zachary G. Wilson can represent you in an intermediary role with the aim of achieving a mutually satisfactory solution that still protects your rights.

Avoiding Potential Legal Problems

The Wilson Law Firm, PC conducts an active advisory practice designed to help clients avoid potential legal problems before they arise. This can involve an action as basic as drafting a contract or a more comprehensive evaluation of your firm’s legal risks in specific areas.

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