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At The Wilson Law Firm, P.C., we are inspired by people who put their creative ideas into action, using them as tools to strengthen and grow their business. We help these innovative thinkers by providing them with high-quality legal representation at a great value.

If you need assistance protecting your business methods, creative works and legal rights, contact us to schedule a free telephone consultation with a skilled Fort Collins intellectual property lawyer.

Helping Clients Reap The Rewards Of Their Imagination And Creativity

Backed by more than 30 years of experience and a reputation for excellence, our principal attorney, Zachary G. Wilson, assists clients throughout northern Colorado with establishing and safeguarding intellectual property rights related to:

  • Trademark. A trademark identifies your brand and differentiates you from competitors, giving your business an edge in the marketplace. We can help you with trademark registration, renewal and infringement matters.
  • Trade dress. The graphic design, color and shape of a product or its packaging can be powerful marketing tools. We can help you protect your hard work from competitors.
  • Trade secrets. Your confidential business information has intrinsic economic value and is designed to give your business a competitive advantage in the marketplace. If your proprietary trade secrets have been stolen or used by a former employee or competitor without authorization, we can help you pursue legal action.
  • Copyright. Copyrights can protect a broad range of innovative works, including business publications, technological advances and artistic creations. We assist clients with copyright registration, renewal and infringement issues.

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